Melba the Mummy

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Melba the Mummy PDF ebook download I'm not ordinarily going to review kid lit like this, but I have a special reason to do so. I first read Ruckman's "Melba the Brain" as a kid, and just loved it. Every time I went to the Idaho Falls Public Library, that was a book I brought home to read.

Years passed. I'd forgotten all about the book until I saw a copy at the local thrift store. I brought it home and noticed that it had been signed by the author (including a personal message from the author to the recipient, her daughter, who is obviously not a sentimentalist). So the book is special to me.

This one is not. Start with the cliche of the rivalry between boy schoolmate and girl schoolmate, add the cliche of the involved teacher and then an unexpected trip back to Outpost Ouch, and you've got a tale that goes through the motions but doesn't really capture the imagination as the first one did. Maybe it would have when I was a kid, but I kinda doubt it. I didn't much read that kinds of stuff back then, either.

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