Dragon Slaying

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Dragon Slaying PDF ebook download Since the invention of management over a century ago, it has gradually become detached from the day-to-day operation of the organization and from delivering value to customers. Conventional wisdom is that managers set targets and then create systems to monitor, measure and control the execution of these targets. These systems include budgets, performance management, incentives and appraisals, which are used to exercise control and ensure that targets are met. Simple, obvious and wrong! We need a change in management thinking. Dragon slaying explains. Can you afford to ignore it? "This book challenges leaders to think about the way they manage. It is a small volume with a big impact and insightful examples which bring the powerful messages to life."Tracey Paul-Clark, Financial Services and Capital Markets Marketing & Communications Proffesional (and one time entrepreneur) working for Nat West, Lloyds TSB, the Stock Exchange and other financial Blue Chips "A succinct practical guide to contemporary management issues with long overdue debunking of prevalent management myths. Thoroughly recommended to any open minded leader or manager who wants to make a difference." Professor Wendy Lomas, Head of the Department of Startegy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Kingston Business School, Kingdom University "This book may well have been written specifically for my business; I now need to stand back and spend time reviewing our processes and critically, how we measure performance - This book provides a robust framework for exactly this." Andy Creedon, Finance Director - Willis Commercial Regions Adopt the Dragon Slaying approach and transform: Target markets to secured customers with better strategies Secured customers to delighted customers with better systems All delivered by better measurement, better learning and engaged people driving better results. Dragon Slaying shows you how. Can you really afford to ignore it?"

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