Questionable Content, Vol. 4

PDF-file by Jeph Jacques

Questionable Content, Vol. 4 PDF ebook download The fourth print collection of QC, containing strips 900-1200, is a here! Ha ha!

Volume 4 is a different size than the others! It's now easier to hold and more fun to read and each page is half a comic! There are plans to reprint the first three in this format sometime in the future.


The book takes the reader through the first appearance of Beatrice Chatham (Hannelore's mother); the ongoing relationship of Marten and Dora - including Marten meeting her parents; Steve's relationship with Meena from the city morgue; Hannelore's birthday party - which resulted in Faye and Sven's ill-advised hookup; the introduction of Wil; various weird dreams by the cast; and the further development of Deathmøle as a band.

Unlike the other three previous volumes, there are no "extras", like sketches or unused drawings.


eBook Questionable Content, Vol. 4

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