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PAGER PDF ebook download As a pager, Peter Mandrin’s job is to track things down – criminals, shipments, missing transports, anything that turns a profit – and he’s just sacked the catch of a lifetime, infamous embezzler Roger Finlay. As a reward Mandrin wins Finlay’s vintage 1960’s four bedroom, ranch-style house on the most expensive planet in the universe, Earth. From low-life pager, he’s hit the sweet, sweet big-time. Up to now, it’s just been Peter and his insouciant, sexy Wally, Debris, the replicant woman of his dreams. That is, until he meets the real woman who lives next door, the mysterious Wendy Roseland. Suddenly, Peter’s world is upended when he falls head over heels in love with one of his own kind. His big worry is that she'll find out what he really is. But Wendy isn't what she appears to be, either...


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