The Baffler No. 24

PDF-file by John Summers

The Baffler No. 24 PDF ebook download Let the games begin! The Baffler no. 24: The Jig Is Up! is dedicated to all the ways in which play is now work, science is now dogma, and even science fiction is a billionaire's playground. From David Graeber and Barbara Ehrenreich on why animal play can't be rationalized away, Ian Bogost's adventures with Candy Crush Saga, and our own John Summers's tour of the people's republic of Zuckerstan (formerly Cambridge, MA), it's guaranteed to be fun, fun, fun.


Under the Table

The Rites of Play
John Summers

Against Merit
Gabriel Zaid

Nerds on the Knife Edge
Jaron Lanier


God’s Game
Erik Simon

Photo Graphic

The Real Toy Story
Michael Wolf

The Jig Is Up!

The People’s Republic of Zuckerstan
John Summers

What’s the Point If We Can’t Have a Little Fun?
David Graeber

A Thing or Two about a Thing or Two, a.k.a. Science
Barbara Ehrenreich

The Billionaires’ Fantasia
Gene Seymour

Hoard d’ Oeuvres: Art of the 1 Percent
Rhonda Lieberman

Play, Dammit!
Heather Havrilesky

Rage Against the Machines
Ian Bogost

The Dollar Debauch

Neoliberalism, Revolution in Reverse
Chris Lehmann


Deal Me Out
A stacked deck at the New York Times
Alex Pareene

The Vertically Integrated Rape Joke
The triumph of Vice
Anne Elizabeth Moore


Bcc: Dridge
Paul Maliszewski and J. Wagner


Chemical Life
Timothy Donnelly

Fanny Howe

Narcissus Tweets
Airea D. Matthews

Concerned Possibly Overly Concerned with The Eagle Warehouse & Storage Company of Brooklyn 1893
Dara Wier

A Monkey Could Do This (and)
You and Me are not friends, OK?
Simone White

It was the year we turned to dragons
Metta Sáma

What It Look Life
Terrance Hayes

A Poet’s Guide to the Assassination of JFK [the Assassination of Poetry]
Thomas Sayers Ellis

The Literary Playground

Feminism for Them?
Susan Faludi

Tom Clancy, Military Man
Andrew Bacevich

Decently Downward
An appointment with John O’Hara
William T. Vollmann

Grave Dance

How Sweet Is It?
George Scialabba


Feminism for Men
Floyd Dell

Graphic Art

Brad Holland
Mark Dancey
Mark Wagner

eBook The Baffler No. 24

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