Second Wind

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Second Wind PDF ebook download I have read a lot of Dick Francis novels, although before I started putting reviews on here. Most were entertaining, well crafted and at least moderately believable. In general they follow the same pattern, boy meets girl, gets beaten up, falls of a horse, has broken ribs and is nursed back to health by his latest paramour whilst uncovering some dastardly plot. All well and fine, the Holiday Inn or Mc Donald's of reading, easy going, light and comfortable.

This one I picked up from a box of junk in a friends garage and fear that it had been placed there with good reason.
This wasn't up to the normal standard, easy reading, entertaining yes but the plot was weak and confused, weapons grade uranium, mysterious tubercular diseases and an (admittedly interesting) splash of meteorology thrown in for good measure. There was never any real sense as to why or how our villains were able to operate their "business", or how indeed they were going to make a fortune from revising the means of pasteurization for that matter. A good book to read whilst in traction, entertaining enough to avoid the boredom but not sufficiently rewarding that you wouldn't be keen to leap from your bed as soon as recovery neared.

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