Baptismal Instructions

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Baptismal Instructions PDF ebook download Great book for anyone, whatever your beliefs, who wants to know about the real Christian life, not the shallow, fake one we so often see, and experience, if we are not constantly sober and vigilant (as St. John Chrysostom so often emphasized in this book).In this series of discourses to a group preparing for baptism, and then newly baptized, St. John Chrysostom (349-407 AD) lively and warmly sets forth the Christian life, Christian character, Christian disciplines, Christian habits, Christian mysteries, and sinful and worldly attitudes, practices, habits, and places to avoid.The notes were also great and aptly quoted other works by St. John Chrysostom relating to the same subject as the one dealt with in the main text.For example: "In Non ad grat. conc. (MG 50:659D-60C) he says: 'Do you see how many testimonies prove to us that the recollection of our sins is profitable and that the recollection of our good deeds does us harm? On the other hand, to forget our sins brings harm, while to forget our good deeds brings profit.'" (Page 286, fn. 34.)Oh, if only we, and each group to which we belong, including church and nation, would follow this teaching!In other place, the note writer explains St. Chrysostom's teaching and episodes from his life and his example as well: "The Church is above all classes based on rank or language.In the body of the Church, as in Christ, there is neither Greek, nor barbarian, nor slave, nor free.All are brothers and members of the same body.Chrysostom fought hard to better the lot of the poor and to rehabilitate the ethnic minorities, as here he pleads in favor of the Syriac-speaking people from the countryside.At Constantinople he was much interested in the Gothic colony, put a church at their disposal, and gave a mangnificent sermon to their congregation on the catholicity of the Church (MG 63.499-510)." (Page 282, fn. 7.)Do read this book, you won't regret it.

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