The Interaction of Law and Religion

PDF-file by Harold J. Berman

The Interaction of Law and Religion PDF ebook download This was required reading for my Law & Religion class. If you have a background or any consicous exposure to the ways that religion structure our political and legal relations (think: Park 51, annual Christmas holidays, etc), this book says all the most obvious things and in discomfiting broad and somewhat dated terms (it was written in the 60s).
So I didn't pay it much mind, and was unsure what special import we were supposed to extract from it. Then we discussed it in class and I realised it probably was a good intro to the intersections of law and religion/morality for people who believe that Western law somehow miraculously transcends (see what I did there?) the discourses, covert and otherwise, of god and religion that continue to permeate our lives.
Berman, btw, was born Jewish, but converted to Roman Catholicism (well before he wrote this book).

eBook The Interaction of Law and Religion

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