Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success [With CD-ROM with Workbook and Trump Cards]

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Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success [With CD-ROM with Workbook and Trump Cards] PDF ebook download If you are serious about real estate investing, you cannot afford to miss the three strategies taught in this rare program. Proven and tested in deal after deal, these are the principles that brought wealth and success to the presenters, Curtis Oakes and Peter Harris. Now they can bring the same results to you, too.

The first master secret is "Tie it Up." Here you will learn why there is wisdom in making an offer earlier than you would expect. Not only that, you will discover exactly how to go about making the initial assessment that tells you whether or not to place an offer. The power of this strategy is all in the details.

The second master secret is "Profit from Problems." Every experienced investor knows that there can be opportunities in problem properties. The difference here is the lengths Curtis and Peter will go to, to uncover opportunities others miss. A major source of their success, and that of their students, is knowing how to seize hold of properties that others run from-and turn them into goldmines.

The third master secret is called "The Velocity of Money." Here you will learn how to get your money working for you-in fact how to have every dollar sweating 24/7 to build your wealth. Here are skills and strategies to keep your money on the move that will radically transform your understanding of real estate investment and what it can do for you.

For every master secret, Curtis and Peter provide a complete and detailed set of tactical steps. In addition to three audio CDs packed with information, they provide a highly organized workbook that will be your virtual coach as you implement the strategies. In addition, you get a free 12-month online course at, taught by the presenters.

Build your fortune in real estate with these three golden keys to wealth creation.

Included with the product:

• Audio CD 1 - Tie it Up

• Audio CD 2 - Profit from Problem Properties

• Audio CD 3 - Velocity of Money

• Bonus CD-ROM with:

- Interactive Workbook with six action steps including the chapters: Understand Key Real Estate Terms, Practice Unmasking Problems, and Get Into the Game and Get Your Money Moving. Also included is Trump University's Real Estate Education Glossary, and Trump University's Real Estate Resource Guide

- Special Reports:

• Foundations of Successful Real Estate Investing:Guiding Principles of Investment

• Guiding Principles of Real Estate Investing

• The Ten Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

- Bonus report on the Active Learning System from Dr. Stephanie Burns, Seven Steps to Boost Your Learning

• 12-Month FREE Online Program on Real Estate Investment at

- Including teleseminars, discussion forum, and special Reports

Author Bios

Curtis Oakes, founder and president of the Oakes Group, has a lifelong passion for helping others expand their lives. Real estate investment gave him the wealth and freedom he had aspired to as a child. Today he is a top-ranked real estate broker and teaches real estate investors through his proprietary Oakes Group Mentoring Program.

Peter Harris is a successful real estate investor and co-creator with Curtis Oakes of the Oakes Group Mentoring Program. He left a successful career as an optics and telecommunications engineer to build his real estate portfolio and teach the skills of investing to a growing population of students. Peter's passion is education, and his guiding principle is "Life rewards action."

eBook Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success [With CD-ROM with Workbook and Trump Cards]

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