Paper Cuts and Mistletoe (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck, #3)

PDF-file by Jackie Nacht

Paper Cuts and Mistletoe (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck, #3) PDF ebook download Who thought paper cuts and sabotaging Christmas lights could bring two men together?

Kipp is having one hell of a time after graduating from college. Subbing jobs are pretty inconsistent and desperate times call for desperate measures. He finds himself working as a gift wrapper at the department store in the mall during the Christmas season. Kipp can freely admit that he sucks at it but needs the cash to stay in his tiny apartment. Then he sees Jesse working at the mall, the guy he grew up with but never had the courage to talk to. Can these two finally connect after all these years? Is this nightmarish job going to give him the best present of all…an opportunity to get to know the crush he’s had most of his life?

Authors Note: This book may be read as a stand-alone, story but for better reading enjoyment, you may want to read secondary characters, Xathan and Chaddrick’s story in Full Disclosure on Black Friday.

eBook Paper Cuts and Mistletoe (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck, #3)

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