Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter

PDF-file by Nancy White Carlstrom

Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter PDF ebook download Joshie Otter wants to play. But the seal babies are sound asleep, the walruses need their rest, and the puffins can't come out today. Poor Joshie keeps searching for a playmate, not realizing how far out he has swum. Just when he begins to feel afraid and alone, though, he hears his mother's reassuring voice over the waves, calling him home."An excellent addition to picture-book collections that's sure to be read over and over by parents looking for that perfect soothing bedtime story". — School Library Journal

"Splendid paintings in a variety of shimmering Arctic hues illustrate a soothing bedtime story.... In addition to basic information about the animals and geography of the region, this attractive picture book has the draws of an affectionate mother-offspring bond and an involving game element". — Booklist

eBook Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter

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