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Mystic PDF ebook download In the southern lands of Mracia, during a dark, snowy night, Trokl is wounded by Trolls. Fleeing and near death, he is taken in by a hermit, who attempts to save his life by infusing him with the magic of the mystics.

Things go awry...

Though his life is spared, many things change for him. In a world where humans, Trolls, and Gnomes are seeking his blood spilt, Trokl is always in danger. Now he finds himself also contending with what he believes to be the Gods.

Never a man to believe in religion or morals, he now is resisting forced servitude to these beings. He sets out on his own, battling with creatures and other things hunting him at night, kings wishing him dead, and a ravaging hunger of new, untamed powers tearing at his mind.

To help ease the hunger, Trokl tries settling into his new life as a resentful mystic in service of the Gods, casting aside his old ways of deception and terror.

The world continues to fall apart as fear and rage grip the kingdoms. Old friends and family take sides, leading to hard decisions. New friends test Trokl's commitment and patience. There are also whispers of a fire rising in the west of the Gnome Kingdom, Lecskarncht, that has many uneasy.

Trokl may have tried to remove himself from all the troubles, but very soon he must make a choice...

eBook Mystic

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