Dreams of Desire 10

PDF-file by Cassie Wright

Dreams of Desire 10 PDF ebook download ~ Volume 10 in the steamy Dreams of Desire series ~

This is the end, the final installment in the Dreams of Desire series, where Jessie and Julian must harness all of their resolve, love, and determination to defeat the mysterious leader of the international human trafficking ring that they've been fighting all this time.

There's nothing left to lose. Or so they think - but as soul wrenching loss piles on upon soul wrenching loss, Jessie and Julian realize that they are going to be tested like they never thought possible, and forced to ask just how far, and how much they are willing to sacrifice in order to see their vengeance through. 

This is the final installment in the Dreams of Desire series, and comes in at 20,000 words like the others. Thank you for reading!

eBook Dreams of Desire 10

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