Might and Magic Compendium

PDF-file by Caroline Spector

Might and Magic Compendium PDF ebook download Learn everything you need to know to solve every quest in the Isles of Terra, Clouds of Xeen, and Darkside of Xeen. With this comprehensive compendium of hints, secrets, and strategies you get:
The location of every item you need to finish each gameEvery secret passwordStatistics for every monster and significant itemComplete, detailed maps of all the game areas

You'll learn how to get around all the traps and beat the most powerful monsters. Best of all, you'll learn "quick start" techniques for all games that will raise your power levels as fast as possible. This is the book that tears the lid off you favorite fantasy role-playing series and puts YOU in charge!

Fully illustrated with screen shots and maps. Plus stunning, full-page illustrations by noted fantasy artist Jim Nelson (Shadowrun, BattleTech).

eBook Might and Magic Compendium

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