Return To Willow Lake

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Jack was cemented to the floor. Charlie was facing in the opposite direction. Her back to him, she didn't even know he was there looking at her. He couldn't breathe. All he was focused on was her body. The hospital gown she was wearing was covering nothing in the back. She was beautiful. He had seen her naked plenty of times, but they were so young then. She was a woman now, and had the body to prove it. He studied every curve of her body. A picture of perfection that would forever be burned in his memory. He wondered what it would feel like to touch her again. To touch her silky skin from head to toe, and give her pleasures she had never even dreamed of. As she reached for her panties on the chair in front of her, he looked at the way her golden hair swayed across her back as she moved. By now his heart was pounding so loudly in his ears, he thought for sure she was able to hear it. But his heart wasn't the only thing that was wreaking havoc on his body. He realized the front of his pants was becoming tighter by the second. Great, just what he needed. What would he say when he went into the room? Hey Charlie, thought I'd bring by your bag you left behind, and by the way, don't pay any attention to my huge erection. No that wouldn't work at all. Jack couldn't think. How could he? There was no more blood left in his head. At least the head he should be thinking with right now.

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