Saving Sam (The Wounded Warriors) (The Wounded Warriors) (Volume 1)

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Saving Sam (The Wounded Warriors) (The Wounded Warriors) (Volume 1) PDF ebook download Saving Sam - The Wounded Warriors Book 1, by J. M. Northup and Simone Beaudelaire, is so well drawn it could have been an actual case history of PTSD. The authors have created characters with flaws and then brings those into play aggravating the male character’s PTSD. The family weaknesses have to be sorted out as well if Sam is to receive any kind of help and healing through those closest to him. Had this man come home from Afghanistan not affected by PTSD, there may have been a marriage and then a divorce because both Sam and Amy, his love interest, had severe self-esteem problems. But simple was not the case. This story was written with the purpose of understanding the psychology of PTSD and finding a way to begin healing.

From the hot, hot love scenes to the terrifying reality of flashback takeovers, the writing of this story flowed smoothly and couldn’t be more real. The authors have created believable characters and moved the Veteran through the effects of PTSD flashbacks and dangers to himself and others. Then actual therapies are shown to guide a PTSD sufferer in how to control the effects, though they will never be totally gone. There is great validity in this story about what needs to be done to understand and control PTSD.

The authors have purposely portrayed both Sam and Amy as flawed. In real life we all have flaws and weaknesses, some minor, some major. The characters are written as flawed for a reason and it couldn’t be a more perfect approach to helping Sam get the help he needed. Putting the characters through having to clean up their flaws and weaknesses in the story is a perfect example of what is necessary in real life in order to help the one suffering from PTSD. As in real life, if there is to be help for the one with PTSD, the people closest to them must also get beyond their own shortcomings and become stronger. The way this story is set up and led toward the final outcome is so real life, it shows both authors truly understand what PTSD actually is, how it affects everyone, and what to expect of treatment.

For those who have an interest in PTSD, any interest at all, or for those who want to learn more about what troubles a Veteran they know, this book is a must read. With a family member with PTSD, for me it was a walk through memories. The hard reality of this story relates to real life. Everyone should read at least one story like this to understand the ravages of this disease and how we can help those afflicted. I highly encourage the reading this true-to-life portrayal.

eBook Saving Sam (The Wounded Warriors) (The Wounded Warriors) (Volume 1)

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