Stagecoach Capture

PDF-file by Layla Chase

Stagecoach Capture PDF ebook download Boarding a westbound stage in San Antonio, US Marshal Slade Thomas realizes all three female passengers resemble the wanted poster for a bank robber. The audacious and playful behavior of one passenger, Jessimay "Jazzy" Morgan, especially draws his attention—and suspicions.

Jazzy, a former prostitute, is intent on a respectable future built on the money she earned in Miss Veronica’s Pleasure Emporium. Polite society is more taxing than she imagines, however, and a flirtation with the handsome stranger on the stagecoach flares into a rousing night of passion in which she loses a little bit of her heart.

The following day, when the stagecoach is robbed and the women kidnapped, Jazzy is crushed at leaving a beaten Slade behind. Planning an escape against huge odds is tough, but confessing her past to a respectable man like Slade is almost impossible. And Slade must also make a decision that could change his life—capturing the bandits, or saving Jazzy...a choice between his duty and his heart.

eBook Stagecoach Capture

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