Presidential Elections 1789-2008

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Presidential Elections 1789-2008 PDF ebook download Updated to include full coverage of the 2008 contest between John McCain and Barack Obama. this comprehensive resource explains with detail and clarity the evolution of presidential elections. Readers will find information on who runs for president and how the process works from primaries to inauguration; the contests held for every presidential election from 1789 to 2008; the impact of the primary and caucus systems; popular and electoral votes for all presidents from 1789 to 2008; the role of the Electoral College and related political debates; and a biographical directory of U.S. presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Enhanced with data tables, maps, portraits of candidates, political cartoons, and other illustrations, this unique volume brings to life the history and processes behind presidential elections for a wide range of readers. Priced affordably with limited budgets in mind, this updated edition of Presidential Elections 1789-2008 will become an essential part of public, academic, and high school library collections.

eBook Presidential Elections 1789-2008

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