Picko in Packo

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Picko in Packo PDF ebook download My husband has a German copy of this book, but it was a bit long to ask for his translation. Fortunately I was able to read it in English at http://www.childrensbooksonline.org/m...

All I can say is it's one gruesome cautionary tale. Max and Moritz get into all sorts of trouble that would put today's kids into juvenile detention—they put dynamite in a teacher's pipe, kill the neighbor's chickens (in a terrible way!), and are baked inside some dough while trying to steal pretzels (but somehow are able to eat their way out). A frustrated farmer finally exacts revenge in what, to me, was a surprising and horrible end. I think it's worth reading just for the shock value! They definitely don't make children's stories like this anymore.

My husband has good memories of this book though, and remembers hisgrandfather calling him and his cousins Max und Moritz when they were making trouble.

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