Made for Two

PDF-file by Lexie Davis

Made for Two PDF ebook download Vampires mate for life, as the old law instructs, but the last thing on Natalie's mind is a lifetime spent with one man. Her parents' incessant need to see her mated forces her to escape to the mortal realm where she meets two deliciously sexy men, courtesy of her brother's annual Halloween party. Kingston and Jagger are walking sin and Natalie can't help but indulge in their company. By nightfall, her bloodlust is boiling. She succumbs to temptation and beds both men, only to learn the two humans she planned to feed on are, in fact, vampires, like herself. The mating bond has already begun and there's nothing she can do to stop it. She believed one mate would never suit her, but could she possibly be made for two?

eBook Made for Two

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