Behavioral Interventions in Schools

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The emotional and behavioral problems of students in the classroom are a major concern for teachers, administrators, and the public. Without effective behavior management, a positive and productive classroom environment is impossible to achieve. Forty years of scientific research supports the efficacy of behavioral interventions in the classroom, yet school psychologists and teachers are often unaware of this evidence or of how to apply it.

This book provides school psychologists, counselors, social workers, school administrators, and teachers with a summary of ecologically sound primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies.

The contributors cover fundamentals such as how to conduct a behavioral assessment, how to measure treatment integrity and response to intervention, and how to promote generalization and maintenance of learned positive behaviors. They also discuss prevention measures such as positive behavior support and group contingencies that schools can implement system-wide.

Several chapters describe more narrowly focused interventions such as daily report cards and self modeling, while the final section explains how to customize behavioral strategies for special populations such as preschoolers; children with autism, internalizing, or externalizing disorders; and those who have experienced trauma.

Readers who are new to behavioral interventions should be able to use the techniques immediately, while experienced practitioners will use this book as a resource to guide their practice.

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