Dame Darcy's Meatcake Compilation

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Dame Darcy's Meatcake Compilation PDF ebook download Witchy, polymorphously perverse, and as fascinated with gory demises as the best sort of terrifying Victorian child. This is a fairground of blood, sex and pranks, in which the recurring cast range from murderous bickering with each other to idle sapphism for no other reason than that's how the mood takes them. Said cast, while ranging from a mermaid to conjoined twins, are of course all female bar one raffish wolf; any other males are strictly disposable boytoys. Interspersed with these antics, various cod-gothic short melodramas, like comics a young Angela Carter might have drawn on a rainy day in collaboration with an over-caffeinated infant Edward Gorey.

eBook Dame Darcy's Meatcake Compilation

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