The New Avengers, Vol. 10

PDF-file by Brian Michael Bendis

The New Avengers, Vol. 10 PDF ebook download The books lays the groundwork for the ongoing Dark Reign story, and the New Avengers' role as an agitant in it.first issue picks up where Secret Invasion leaves off, with Norman Osborn splitting up the Marvel U.S. with assorted villains.Emma Frost of the X-Men is in his cabal, because no one seems willing to let her be good for good.The next three issues have the New Avengers trying (and failing) to figure out how to respond to Osbourne's national takeover of superherodom.The whole thing caps off with a big fight for issue #50 that, in true Marvel fashion, features a lot of guest artists.It was kinda neat to see signature artists like David Aja and Leinil Yu draw a page of their characters, but the fight doesn't really resolve everything.This Dark Reign story goes on for a while, and this is only the first small cog.

eBook The New Avengers, Vol. 10

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