Roma Aeronautica

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Roma Aeronautica PDF ebook download Set in the world of Daniel Ottalini's Steam Empire Chronicles, Roma Aeronautica follows Rufius Tiberius Alexandros as he takes his first steps in becoming a master airship captain. Readers familiar with the Steam Empire Chronicles will love the additional background and new revelations about Alexandros, while those new to the series will discover a fascinating world of Roman Steampunk. Pirates, Romans, Airships, and a dark family secret challenge Alexandros in every way. Will Alexandros surpass the obstacles facing him, and prove to be the hero his family and friends believe him to be?

Discover this and more in Daniel Ottalini's new novella, Roma Aeronautica. If you enjoyed this novel, be sure to check out Brass Legionnaire and Copper Centurion, his first two novels in the Steam Empire Chronicles.

eBook Roma Aeronautica

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