Shell Shock

PDF-file by Simon A. Forward

Shell Shock PDF ebook download Fair warning: if you are not prepared for some seriously off-the-beaten-path Doctor Who, you are probably not going to like this. That probably goes for most of the Telos Novellas.

This story is a dark and cerebral exploration of the Doctor and Peri and their relationship set amongst the wreckage of war and the wreck of a man. The themes of trauma, death and rebirth as well as creation vs. destruction swim through the pages of this story. It speaks of our culpability for the world around us. I tell you it borders on being literature.

The plot is great as well as seemingly impossibly related threads draw together to form a fantastically imaginative and well wrought tale.

My only dislike is that it's a trifle more graphic than I generally care for but as the Telos books are essentially side steps and experiments, I'll forgive it. It does fit the themes of the story rather than being gore for the sake of gore.

A great story. I really enjoyed it.

eBook Shell Shock

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