Andrew Jackson - The Border Captain

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Andrew Jackson - The Border Captain PDF ebook download This is a collectors item.Border Captain is Volumn I and Volumn II which deals with the latter part of Jackson's Life are found in one book called The Life of Andrew Jackson.They were by James Marquis in 1934 and in 1936 and in 1938 won the Pulizer Prize.I got this at a book sale at the Library of a Omaha Catholic School.It's both books bound together.(There are modern reprints)

It's very detailled and much in the academic style of the 1930's.The good and the bad of Andrew Jackson are given without much judgemental comment.You really get a feeling for the man and the times.

Harry Truman had a copy of this book (unfortunately not mine) on his night stand.

This is my prized book.6 Stars.

eBook Andrew Jackson - The Border Captain

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