Lycan Contempt (Lycan, #7)

PDF-file by S.K. Yule

Lycan Contempt (Lycan, #7) PDF ebook download When Kish is burned by another woman who cannot cope with his scarred body, he vows to never again give his heart to another.

Georgia's blindness has never been a hindrance until a hastily planned trip quickly turns complicated, and she winds up stranded in a raging snowstorm. Not even her guide dog, Lucy, can get her out of this predicament.

When Kish comes across Georgia, his vow is quickly challenged when he discovers she is his mate.

Can Georgia prove to Kish that she is the one woman who will love him scars and all?

Warning: This book contains a brooding, sexy lycan set on foregoing love, and a beautiful heroine determined to change his mind. Pull up a chair because this sultry hot read will make you weak in the knees.

eBook Lycan Contempt (Lycan, #7)

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