My Guide to RPG Storytelling

PDF-file by Aron Christensen

My Guide to RPG Storytelling PDF ebook download At the request of his players, Aron has written this guide to his method of RPG storytelling. This guide includes suggestions on how to prepare a campaign, running each session, dealing with problem players, how to create memorable NPCs and more.

Table of Contents
Foreword, by Erica Lindquist
Chapter 1: On Storytelling
Chapter 2: Before Your Game
Chapter 3: Building Your Story
Chapter 4: Running Your Game
Chapter 5: Players & Player Characters
Chapter 6: Problems
Chapter 7: Rules & Mechanics
Chapter 8: Setting & NPCs
Chapter 9: The End

Please note that this is not a basic how-to for role-playing and it is not affiliated with any particular gaming company.

eBook My Guide to RPG Storytelling

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