Complete Idiot's Guide to the NBA

PDF-file by Steven D. Strauss

Complete Idiot's Guide to the NBA PDF ebook download Professional basketball began in 1896 in New York City.But it wasn't until fifty years ago with the formation of the NBA, that the sport really started to become popular.In 1968, the NBA's attendance average was just over 6,000 fans per game, now attendance has nearly tripled with an average about 18,000 fans per game.

Covers the rich and colorful history of the NBA, from its beginnings as the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and it's merger with the ABA to today's hottest players and teams.

Includes team-by-team profiles, a look at the greatest players and coaches of all time, a look back at various finals and team dynasties, and highlights from All-Star games and other great moments in basketball.

Provides a reasonably priced, comprehensive and historical league overview.

eBook Complete Idiot's Guide to the NBA

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