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Bounce Back PDF ebook download Winning advice on how to turn life’s setbacks into successes from John Calipari, the legendary basketball coach and powerful motivational speaker who has experienced more than his share of both.

I want readers to know they are not alone. People get fired every day. I can give guidance in negotiating those troubling times and so can the people I enlisted to help me with this book."

When John Calipari was fired as head coach of the New Jersey Nets in 1999, just twenty games into his third season, he decided to face his humbling experience head on. Rather than hide from the public eye, he brushed himself off and climbed back on his horse, resurrecting his career in short order. Bounce Back shows readers how they can stay positive, stay focused, and reach new heights of success—no matter how grim their situation might seem. Emphasizing the power of a good attitude, Calipari offers hands-on advice about how to turn unexpected disappointments into exciting new opportunities. In addition to his own experiences, good and bad, he draws on those of other prominent figures who have had to make comebacks, among them management guru Ken Blanchard and basketball Hall of Famer Larry Brown.

John Calipari is renowned for inspiring his teams not just to win but also to become better people along the way. As galvanizing a coach in the game of life as he is on the hardwood, Calipari’s Bounce Back proves that success has little to do with luck and everything to do with hard work, perseverance, hope, and a strong, positive attitude.

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