McClairen's Isle (McClairen's Isle, #2)

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McClairen's Isle (McClairen's Isle, #2) PDF ebook download As of late u will see that i've been reading lots of Romance type novels.Recently I saw one of my friends throwing out, lots of books, and i said "Whoa There" let me take a look.

She informed me I would not be interested, cuz they were just trashy romance novels, but i culled out the Historical Romance ones, cuz I love reading Historical novels.The remainder I donated to my local community college, which they later sold ALL of them , at a book sale.The moral of the story , Don't throw your books away, there is always someone who can benefit from them somehow.


I thought it to be an extremely good read, The historical aspects, detailed and accurate.As far as an Adventure, novel , better than most. Those who read romance novels, may be disappointed though, cuz there is not a whole lot of it here.Even some Mystery, and believable paronormal stuff here.....and a little witchcraft, all very well done.Im almost willing to give it 5 stars, but ITS A TRASHY ROMANCE NOVEL.(BUT I LOVED IT :) )

So as i've said in my other reviews, Don't judge a book by its cover, and now im convinced don't Judge a book, by the section of the bookstore that u find it in.Be brave, and consider books on the subject matter that you enjoy.And BTW, don't we all need a little romance in our lives once in awhile.

eBook McClairen's Isle (McClairen's Isle, #2)

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