Viking's Fury (Star Lords Book 1)

PDF-file by Saranna DeWylde

Viking's Fury (Star Lords Book 1) PDF ebook download This was a very good story! 4 stars! It was fresh and kept me reading. Mercy is the heroine who is a Valkyrie under the rule of her father. He is not very nice to her. He rules the planet Hel that's a prison colony. Magnus the Destroyer is frozen in her fathers office. Mercy likes to look at the beautiful fierce looking man, and touch him when she can as well. One day while her father is off world she goes and longingly touches the frozen Magnus and is caught by one of her dads flunkies, and was about to be raped when Magnus kills him! He takes her and together they flee the planet and the story goes on to them falling in love she is the Valkyrie match to his Berserker.
Totally enjoyed this short story and am looking forward to reading more of this author!

eBook Viking's Fury (Star Lords Book 1)

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