Black Hearts and Slow Dancing (Mac Fontana, #1)

PDF-file by Earl Emerson

Black Hearts and Slow Dancing (Mac Fontana, #1) PDF ebook download BLACK HEARTS/SLOW DANCING - VG
Emerson, Earl - 1st in Mac Fontana series

Maureen ``Mo'' Costigan, feminist mayor of Staircase, Washington, tries to persuade Mac Fontana, an emotionally wounded import from back East, to take on temporary sheriff's duties. The job means checking out a sultry woman's story about a missing boyfriend. The tortured, spread-eagled corpse Mac subsequently discovers plunges him into a case involving corruption in the nearby Seattle fire department. Emerson's lean, lucid, and picturesque prose masterfully describes Mac's abrasive encounters with renegade arsonists and a greedy real estate developer.

Good start to a new series.

eBook Black Hearts and Slow Dancing (Mac Fontana, #1)

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