The Rats Of Acomar

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The Rats Of Acomar PDF ebook download The first book by Paul Kidd in the exciting new shared-world series, "Tales of the Mornmist", created by Lynn Abbey (creator of "Thieves' World") and Ed Greenwood (creator of TSR's "Forgotten Realms" series), "The Rats of Acomar" tells of the bleak, broken wasteland of Acomar, where corrosive metal salts have poisoned the ground, and starvation keeps constant company with death.There, the Rats live... live and die.The bones of their bodies litter the waste, victims, devoured by their brethren, fallen in the endless battles fought over territory and food.The survivors are only the strongest, honed to a razor's edge by the constant struggle to survive... to live, to grow... to breed.In terror of the Rats, after a bloody war, the other races built the great wall, holding them back, keeping them imprisoned in the hellish waste that is Acomar.But with the rising of the Overlord, G'kaa, everything is changing.The clans are uniting, joining together under one massed banner, drenched in the

eBook The Rats Of Acomar

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