A Novel Idea For A Murder

PDF-file by Nel Ashley

A Novel Idea For A Murder PDF ebook download It's 1938 and a group of strangers are attending a writers' retreat hoping to find inspiration for their crime novels. On the first evening they notice the empty place at dinner and begin to wonder who is the last member and why haven't they arrived?
For a bit of fun they decide to make up a character, each one adding their own piece to the description until a person takes shape. Fired up with excitement they rush off to write a story for their creation, only to find that when the mysterious latecomer arrives she is everything they pictured.
She seems real, but is she, or is she a fragment of their imaginations brought to life?
On the last day of the retreat she disappears leaving them non the wiser, but a horrific crime has taken place and each and every one of them is a victim.

eBook A Novel Idea For A Murder

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