Introduction to Mechatronics & Measurement Systems

PDF-file by David G. Alciatore

Introduction to Mechatronics & Measurement Systems PDF ebook download INTRODUCTION TO MECHATRONICS AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS provides comprehensive and accessible coverage of the evolving field of mechatronics for mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering majors. The authors present a concise review of electrical circuits, solid-state devices, digital circuits, and motors- all of which are fundamental to understanding mechatronic systems. This second edition features new coverage of microcontroller architecture, programming and interfacing. Mechatronics design considerations are presented throughout the text, and in "Design Example" features. The text's numerous illustrations, examples, class discussion items, and chapter questions & exercises provide an opportunity to understand and apply mechatronics concepts to actual problems encountered in engineering practice. This text has been tested over several years to ensure accuracy. A new Book Website includes problem solutions for instructors, MathCAD files for book examples, Class Discussion Item follow-up, and extensive supplementary resources on mechatronics and microcontrollers.

eBook Introduction to Mechatronics & Measurement Systems

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