The White Man Will Eat You!

PDF-file by William E. Wormsley

The White Man Will Eat You! PDF ebook download This is a great ethnography. My only complaint is that the author didn't include more intimate information about social aspects of events like rites of passage, and he didn't include more detailed information on things like sorcery, village politics, etc. There certainly is some information about these constructs, but not much. The ethnography seemed stunted, or brief. Several times, I felt as though the author wanted to say more, but didn't. A more overarching complaint that I have about ethnographies is that they don't tend to include pronunciations in their text. I think this could be a simple, and helpful addition to the study of other people, and their languages. I admit that I've only read a few ethnographies, but I haven't encountered any aids in pronouncing words that are not English.

eBook The White Man Will Eat You!

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