Cold Skies and Other Tales of Fear

PDF-file by Paul McAvoy

Cold Skies and Other Tales of Fear PDF ebook download A motorway is turned into chaos early one morning when aliens decide to land and kill everyone in sight… A short cut for three teenagers along a disused railway line leads to death… Nick wakes one morning to find out he has been reported missing for a year… A policeman returns to his grandparents’ now empty house only to rediscover something that was better left forgotten…

Here we have 12 horror stories by horror writer Paul McAvoy. Paul has been published in various magazines and ezines for the last 20 years. In this collection we have some new stories and some that have appeared in magazines such as the British Fantasy Society's Dark Horizons and Here & Now. Over a hundred pages of fiction that includes The Green Man, Pandora, Where Demons Live and Cold Skies...

Enter at your own risk...

eBook Cold Skies and Other Tales of Fear

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