The behavioral persuasion in politics

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The behavioral persuasion in politics PDF ebook download Heinz Eulau speaks of the focus of this slender volume thus (Page 13): ". . .a commitment to the study of man as the root of all things political, or, to put it more technically, to the individual person as the empirical unit of analysis." This is one of the early major books claiming value for this perspective, behavioralism. It was a response to formal, legalistic, abstract theoretical approaches to the study of politics. The Introduction is entitled "The Root Is Man," emphasizing the emphasis on people's behavior.

The first chapter lays out basic theoretical and methodological issues in behavioralism (e.g., the use of statistics and survey research). Chapter 2 examines the social matrix (roles and groups); Chapter 3 considers the cultural context of political behavior (e.g., political culture). Chapter 4 lays out "the personal basis" (e.g., the linkage between psychology and politics). Finally, some dilemmas in the behavioral approach.

The war between behavioralists and traditionalists in political science is largely of historical interest only these days (although the battle continues in some outposts of academe). But this book has historical value for its argument on behalf of this approach.

eBook The behavioral persuasion in politics

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