Mind Body Spirit

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Mind Body Spirit PDF ebook download "Do you know who you are? Do you know what you want from life? Can you control and channel your thoughts, actions and feelings? This book will help you answer these questions.

-All you need to know-terminology, lore, philosophy and motivation-to succeed at Karate, and at Life.
-Brings East and West together, taking the best from each.
-Master a toolbox of techniques, such as meditation and visualization, that will help you along the way.
-What to do before, during, and after class to maximize benefit-techniques that are applicable to any learning situation.
-How to work on speed, balance, and power, but most of all control: control your punches, but also control your emotions to control your destiny.
-Lessons you can really use-proven in the dojo and in the world!
-You will learn about yourself from this book, and what you are made of.

Achieve balance in the triangle of life-your Mind, Body & Spirit-in life as well in the martial arts. You will find ways to improve what you know about yourself, feel about yourself, and what you think about yourself. "

eBook Mind Body Spirit

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