A Personal Odyssey

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A Personal Odyssey PDF ebook download Thomas Sowell's memoirs. He was very guarded with his personal life and rarely let the reader glimpse parts of that... his announcements of his marriages and his divorce came as a shock since there was very little build-up or explanation before hand... so that this book enabled him to focus on the journey throughout the major areas in his intellectual, academic and professional development.We saw how and why he ended up taking the positions he did regarding his stances on certain topics, as well as the precise thought that led to him formulating his masterwork.I found this look into the mind and past of a scholarly figure I've only relatively recently discovered, but nonetheless, quickly developed an immense respect and admiration for, to be very much inspirational and moving.

Thomas Sowell has a disdain for conjured ideologies that policies are created from and, although they have no track record of performing the way the policy makers envisioned they would, are nevertheless still pushed forward as symbolic ideals by partisan rhetoric as some form of progress. Meanwhile they more often than not cause our issues to get worse.

He's a proponent of concepts that have been proven to work; his mission was to compile and present the facts that policy makers should use so that they can know what they are talking about and create programs that will actually help. Unfortunately, although recognized as a brilliant scholar, he is pretty much ignored by the very people who should embrace his findings.

eBook A Personal Odyssey

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