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One morning, Little Bear wakes to find his trousers missing, so he goes from one stuffed-animal friend to another in search of them. Each time, he's one step behind, finding that his trousers has been used and passed along to different toys. Sailor tried them as sails for his boat, Rabbit as a hat etc. Finally, Little Bear finds his trousers from Bramwell Brown, who has converted them to an icing bag to decorate the cake he's baked. All share the cake in celebration of the trousers' return. This is a playful extension of the imaginative game of taking an object and finding various uses for it. It's an idea that works better visually than it does in words, and the pictures used in the book are both very visual and beautiful. Those are real toys on the page but at the same time they look quite capable of moving and talking. It's just the visual representation of the life that small children can breathe into their toys and it appeals to their imagination. The illustrations are the strength of the book; the text repeats information found in them. I would recommend using this book in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One as it has that toy like appeal for the children. But children of Key Stage Two are capable if reading it. I even had one child in my last placement who gave it to me every day during reading cause he found out it was my favourite book. But I also learned the appeal for him was in the images rather than the text as the pictures do seem like they come alive.
The book can be used in a discussion of what can we reuse either at home or in school and possibly look at recycling as a topic. I’m sure a great D&T lesson would follow where children can find one item to reuse as something else!!

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