Just Another Day at the Office

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Just Another Day at the Office PDF ebook download In this sweet, feel-good Love Story (a twist on the Ugly Duckling theme), you'll follow two flawed people attempting to come together in an imperfect world. If you want cliché, porn-style sex, look elsewhere. Instead you'll get realism, awkwardness and insecurity, leading up to a heart-felt, steamy romance which dreams are made of.
Due to the explicit nature of some of the scenes, this book is intended for adult audiences only.

Cath is starting a new job and even before the first day at work, her soon-to-be colleague, John, has caught her eye. While her hourglass figure turns heads at the office, he's more like the grown-up version of the fat kid everyone picked on in school and thus prefers to stay out of the spotlight. She sees the man of her dreams, but he has long believed that he's unworthy.

As luck would have it, they are paired when John is assigned to train Cath in her new role. However, it's an uphill battle getting to know him better, hampered by her reluctance and similarly shy personality. John is convinced that passion is something reserved for conventionally beautiful people. Can Cath prove him wrong? Will she be able to show him that he's desirable just as he is?

eBook Just Another Day at the Office

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