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Moralia 1 PDF ebook download Plutarch, c.45-120, was born in Boeotian Chaeronea in central Greece, studied philosophy at Athens, &, after going to Rome as a philosophy teacher, was given consular rank by Trajan & a procuratorship in Greece by Hadrian. He was married, the father of a daughter & four sons. A kindly, independent thinker, he wrote widely. His popular 46 Parallel Lives were biographies planned to be paired ethical examples of a Greek & a similar Roman, tho the last four are single. They're invaluable sources about the lives & characters of GrecoRoman statesmen, soldiers & orators. His approximately 60 other varied extant works are known as Moralia, Moral Essays. They're of high literary value & of use to all interested in ethics, philosophy & religion.
The Loeb Classical Library's Moralia is in 15 volumes, this being the first, #197 in the Library's series as a whole.
Note on Frontspiece
The Education of Children
How the Young Man Should Study Poetry
On Listening & Lectures
How to Tell a Flatterer froma Friend
How a Man May Become Aware of His Progress in Virtue

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