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Fearless PDF ebook download Riding tall against the Texas sky, Sarah Bowman was a force of nature all her own. A strong-willed woman, she participated in the Florida campaign against the Seminoles, later marrying a man who admired her boundless spirit. Then, in 1845, as the United States prepared for war with Mexico, Sarah signed on as a laundress and cook with General Zachary "Old Rough and Ready" Taylor's army in Corpus Christi. Before the war even began, though, her husband was killed. But going home was out of the question. She considered the army her home and its soldiers her family. While battle raged around her, Sarah became a familiar figure through the haze of exploding gunpowder, riding among the flames to retrieve the wounded. And eventually, she would find love again where she least expected it. . . .

eBook Fearless

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