Mary Crawford

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Mary Crawford PDF ebook download The great critic, Lionel Trilling, enchanted by Jane Austen’s character, Mary Crawford, tells us she was conceived as “all pungency and wit” to “win the admiration of almost any reader.” He observes, “her mind is lively and competent as her body; she can bring not only a horse but a conversation to a gallop….” But in the end, he laments, “we are asked to believe that she is not to be admired….”.

Now, in Mary Crawford, Julia Barrett sets out to rescue Austen’s enticing creation. Making use of the novelist’s awareness of what had befallen her, and mastering her 18th and 19th turns of phrase, Barrett recovers Austen’s orphaned Mary, who had been ruined by the influence of the vicious relative that raised her.

In this “natural sequel to an unnatural beginning,” she gives Mary license to become herself.

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