1001 Symbols

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1001 Symbols PDF ebook download This guide to symbols is the first of its kind with a unique design to set us on the path of symbolism 1001 Symbols is a portable, pocket-sized guide to traditional symbolism, arranged by theme - as in a thesaurus. Following the symbols by subject allows us to compare all the symbols that different cultures have used to connote a particular quality, such as purity, love, deception or immunity. At the same time a helpful and comprehensive index enables the reader to look up individual symbols; and there is also a useful cross-reference system providing signposts to other meanings of the same symbols. This unique illustrated guide, with more than 130 specially-commissioned illustrations, enlightens us as to the fascinating world of symbols, from East and West, and their significance in art, folklore, religion, literature, tradition and the complex psychology of humankind through the ages.

eBook 1001 Symbols

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