Warrior Dreams

PDF-file by Kathleen Harrington

Warrior Dreams PDF ebook download HEALING HANDS, HEALING HEART
The massacre at the Little Bighorn has given Doctor Suzette Stanwood reason to fear the Cheyenne — yet nothing can dampen her resolve to aid the reservation's ill and injured. Nor can she deny her attraction to the handsome brave who is brought to her in shackles ... and whose touch enflames her blood with passion's fire.

A governent agent disguised as a captured warrior, proud and courageous half-breed Lance Harden is torn between his devotion to his father's people ... and his desire for the beautiful frontier healer. Never before has any woman so tempted him beyond endurance with her breathtaking sensuality — steeling Lance's determination to win Suzette's reluctant heart .. and oppose the perilous forces of hatred and prejudice that forbid their magnificent love.

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