When a man loves a man 9 - Ubu 2

PDF-file by Youka Nitta

When a man loves a man 9 - Ubu 2 PDF ebook download I really, really, really hate the ending. Really.

I do have the series as such is good - even though I felt like smacking most of the characters pretty much all of the time, I have to give props to Youka Nitta for writing and drawing real men. In the end, however, I hate the final pairing more than I hated a pairing in, like, ever. I really liked Takaaki in the beginning, but over the course of the series I came to think of him as an inconsiderate asshole. And while I didn't care much for Shinkawa at first, that, too, changed and I just think that Takaaki is bad for him and he should have been with Kenzaki, dammit! I'm so mad! But yeah, it's not a bad series by any means, but I don't want to read it again. Because I hate the ending.

eBook When a man loves a man 9 - Ubu 2

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