Drop of Evil

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Drop of Evil PDF ebook download At a remote research station in Iceland, Professor Robert Collins unravels the genetic roots of good and evil. Conqueror or savior, all that's needed is a simple blood test. Hunted by world powers, Collins is on the run with the beautiful but deeply damaged spy, Gabby Furhman. To save themselves, they have to find the three people with enough of the genetic material to change the world; a Catholic cardinal, a computer whiz kid and an illegal arms dealer.

Blending science and heart pounding action, Drop of Evil is an edge of your seat thriller. Gabby Furhman is damaged but brilliant. She distrusts people on a primal level. Her fail safe, kill Professor Collins to protect the research. Professor Collins has a failed marriage, a lack of friends and a deeply guarded secret, all attributed to his research. It’s no love story. Their union will end with one of them shot and bleeding on the desert sand, the other holding the gun.

eBook Drop of Evil

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