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n "Just a Theory: a quantum adventure," Annie Wood has managed to create a brand new genre-bending genre: the sci-fi/rom-com/adventure/travelogue, and quite a ride it is. After a brief description of quantum mechanics (questionable), she takes our protagonist, Martin Stazinski, on a highly entertaining universe-hopping journey to the many parallel universes that exist side to side, or front to back, or all at once (take your pick), giving him (and us) the the ride of his life. Martin jumps from one (possible) life after another, from an idyllic Italian country house to a car ride with a shrewish wife and three squalling children, in order to find the one universe that fulfills his every dream. Which one will he end up in? Buy the book and see for yourself. Funny, heartfelt, cleverly conceptualized, "Just a Theory" is the perfect book for lolling on the beach on a fine summer day, cuddled up by a cozy fire in the middle of winter, sitting in the doctor's waiting room or whatever parallel universe you happen to choose. Bravo Ms. Wood! Keep 'em comin.'

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