Future Warrior

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Future Warrior PDF ebook download This futuristic Techno-thriller illustrates the possible future of the next generation of soldiers. Future Warrior, New World provides the reader with the understanding of how new technology will transform how the soldier in the field can become nearly invisible and extremely lethal to his enemy. Carly Martin is a systems engineer working at the Natick Soldier Center. Her task is to test the new Future Force Warrior ensemble of equipment at Ft. Drum Military reservation in New York State. Her team runs into problems when one of the team members attempts to steal the equipment.The capture of the equipment becomes a priority. The rogue team member (Lo Cho Win) is first generation Chinese American that has been forced to steal the equipment and get it to Canada where the Chinese can then take possession of this new technology that could have a potential of changing the balance of power in the world. The tracking of Lo Cho is nearly impossible because of the equipments capabilities. Carly and her remaining team use their knowledge of the system to track him across the military reservation and into the New York country side as he heads for Canada. The FBI becomes involved when Lo Cho leaves the military reservation and needs Carly and her team to help capture Lo Cho.

eBook Future Warrior

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