Rakshasa Book II, Part #4

PDF-file by Alica Knight

Rakshasa Book II, Part #4 PDF ebook download Revenge.

It's not a pretty word, and its results are even uglier. At its core it is a simple concept; someone made you suffer, so you make them suffer. It is best served disproportionately and after a slow boil.

So it shall be for me. This is my punishment, my just rewards for what I have done. Soon the truth will be revealed to me, but there is a spot of hope in all this darkness.

But I must fight to find it.


"Rakshasa" is a Paranormal Romance serial with a hint of spice! Each episode is approximately 10,000 words. With Book I complete, the episode schedule for Book II is as follows:

Rakshasa: Moonlight (available now!)
Rakshasa: Conflagration (available now!)
Rakshasa: Divergence (available now!)
Rakshasa: Vengeance (available now!)
Rakshasa: Soulbound (coming soon!)

eBook Rakshasa Book II, Part #4

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