The Shot

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The Shot PDF ebook download I have always adored Russian literature, but, for some reason, I have never read anything by Pushkin (1799-1837). Obviously, his best known work is Eugine Onegin, but I could not resist trying this short story on kindle (especially as it is currently available free). The story has been given a modern translation, designed so the reader can understand references without checking footnotes.I suspect this will understandably divide opinions, but it does make the story accessible to those who might want to try Pushkin’s work, but not know where to begin.

Our narrator is an army officer, stationed at a remote village. There is little to do there and so, although there is an older man who is sarcastic and ill tempered, the officers all attend his open table. The man, named Silvio by our narrator, is obviously a very impressive fellow and so there is much astonishment when, after an argument at cards, he does not demand the satisfaction of a duel. This obviously harms his reputation, but Silvio explains his reasons and there is, of course, a twist to the tale. A very enjoyable story and beautifully written.

eBook The Shot

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